RFSL Västmanland is a politically independent branch of RFSL (The Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights). RFSL's goal is that LGBTQ people should have the same rights, possibilities and obligations as everybody else in society. In order to achieve this, we, among other things, do information work at schools. These school informations can for example be a part of the school's work with equal treatment.

School information from RFSL Västmanland

At a school information from RFSL Västmanland two trained communicators will inform the students about heteronormativity and the situation of LGBTQ people. The lenght of the session is 90 minutes and the group of students should not exceed 20 students per session.

The school information includes a part where the communicators talk about and problematize terms such as standard-setting, the hetero norm, gender, sexual orientation, queer etc. The rest of the session will be spent answering and discussing the question the students have.

The cost of the school information is 500 SEK per communicator and group. In reality that adds up to a cost of 1 000 SEK, plus eventual travel costs. The fee is paid as a salary to the communicator to cover, among other things, loss of earnings. Social fees are paid by the client/school. RFSL Västmanland doesn’t get paid for providing the school information.

RFSL Västmanland would like the school to let the students know that the communicators are coming ahead of time and let them think about what questions they have for the communicators. We don’t want the school to censor the student’s questions. The communicators are trained in dealing with “sensitive” issues.

It is good if a teacher is present during the session to be able to follow up the visit, since it tends to stir up a lot of thoughts in the students. It’s also important to point out that the session is for the students’ and not for the teacher’s questions. If the session gives the teacher ideas about traning for the staff, RFSL Västmanland can help with that.

It’s good to book a school information well ahead of time.

For further information contact RFSL Västmanlands via mail at